Working to become not only Professional Models, but  Fashion Professionals. Maximum Volume will provide the essential tools of the Art and Entertainment, to promote self-esteem, confidence, team work. Exposing you to facts to create well-rounded individuals. During the course we will conduct a plethora of engaging and interactive workshops that indulge in fundamental performance, esteem, and etiquette principles. Maximum Volume will serve as the springboard and create an outlet for those with the will and drive to enter into the industry, all while developing a new mean of social and self-development as well as the appreciation of Fashion and Entertainment innovation.

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Typically, actors and models go to agents with-out training or with some basic knowledge of the entertainment industry. These fields are highly competitive and filled with people from all over the world. 

Maximum Volume will provide the training to help better equip you for the Entertainment industry and Marketing industry. We provide the tools needed for a successful career as a model/artist. In addition to building self-esteem and confidence among individuals. The staff at Maximum Volume thrive an character building and not just teaching a skill to our participants. 

Maximum Volume was born out of our belief that as citizens of the world , we all have a social responsibility to use good manners as we go through each and everyday. We also have a responsibility to educate our people on proper life skills.

Print/Commercial Modeling Training

Maximum Volume models will be taught techniques on how to put together a working portfolio. the use of live photographic test shots and the results are incorporated into a portfolio for use in interviewing with agencies and/or potential clients.

The objective is to demonstrate a mastery of a variety of poses portraying different moods; standing and sitting props; body and facial movement and alignment. 


Advancing ones career in modeling, a thorough understanding of agency registration and procedures is needed. Model's release forms and contracts are reviewed. Also the composition of a Model resume.

Professional Runway Training

The Fashion Runway Progam is here to devlopand strengthen one's personal growth and confidence in performing in front of a live audence. The course is comprimised of runway choreography, fashion styles and coordination, teamwork, make-up, and lecture. In-house performances and opportunity to be spotlighted in public fashion shows are included: holiday, bridal, cruise wear, back-to-school and designer shows, etc.

The objective is to prepare the student for modeling at a more advanced level with an array of terminology and chorographical skills, so that within the idustry the student can model and choreograph professionally.


Style and Beauty 101

Application of cosmetics and their appropriate uses are the objectives of these workshops. The sessions include color analysis for skin types, foundation, rouge, contouring, highlighting, mascara, eye shadow, lip line, manicuring, as well as understanding the use of application tools. Both color and black & white photography make-up taught. Make-up appropriate for photography and runway appearance is covered. Students are expected to be able to learn the appropriate techniques to achieve either formal or informal results.


Couse also includes: Skin Care Analysis& techniques, Hair Care& Styling, Wardrobe & Styling, Health, Fitness & Figure Control.






Meet THe Instructors

There are things that can be taught, but there are things only I can teach!

Jeffery Lyles, Model Coach/Manager

Why We're Great >

I can teach you to be MORE than a PRETTY FACE! I can show you how to do it with ATTITUDE!

Erica Brown, Model Coach/Manager

Why We're Great >

Everyone Can Model! I just need 2 minutes with them!

Jonathan Lyles, Model Coach/Manager

Why We're Great >


Modeling techniques, the basic model stance, how to do the model’s half turn, how to have good body language and look confident when you’re walking down the runway or even walking across the stage to get your award. It’s also a way to bring more revenue into your business, which is the acting/modeling. Maybe you’re a dancer. Maybe you’re a singer. So modeling is a wonderful technique to learn. 

We thank you very much for your interest in our modeling academy and would like to invite you to take a look at what we have to offer at our academy. We are here to guide you through the process of making this important decision for your child and help you experience the great things that take place at our academy. The Maximum Modeling experience begins with a piece of mind. Faculty and staff are nurturing, talented, and creative. Our staff of instructors are some of the most talented and experienced persons in their industry, and they love to devote their time to teach the younger generation develop into tomorrow’s professionals.

We are committed to providing the best instruction we can to each of our students. Class size is small, averaging 10 students. The social development and growing self-esteem of each child/person is as important as their academic growth; teamwork and cooperation are valued and modeled, no matter of age.  Maximum Volume Modeling offers a diverse range of programs for age 6 years and older. With much success we have  1 on 1 tutoring is also available for any student that needs the extra help along the way.

There is so much more! Talk to our instructors!

Our students are engaged in learning, our instructors delight in teaching, and together we take pride in the growth and achievements.

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