Record a live-stream event

Full participants from the same organization as the meeting organizer can record the live stream so people can watch the event after the meeting ends. Live-stream events are not automatically recorded, so you must manually start and stop recording. Learn how to Record a video meeting.

Guests who join view-only cannot control recording.

Watch a live-stream event

Tip: People using the live-stream link cannot interact with the meeting participants or others in the live stream.

To watch a live-stream event, guests can:

  • Click the live-stream link in the Calendar event or an email.

  • Watch from a meeting room that is added to the event and set up with Chromebox or Chromebase for meetings.

When you watch a live-stream event, you can:

  • Stop and start the live playback.

  • Set the playback speed and video quality.

  • Play the video on a TV.

  • Switch to full-screen mode.

Tip: To watch the event later, ask the meeting organizer if a recording is available. The live-stream can only be viewed while being broadcast live.

Like Periscope, users can comment on the broadcast. Unlike Periscope, live streams on YouTube can be saved and any user can access them through the app.[8] YouTube head of product for consumers Manuel Bronstein stated that live streaming gives creators the opportunity to "actually create a more intimate connection with their friends and family."

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