Started their career in modeling at the age of 9. Their mother enrolled them into John Casablanca Modeling Agency in Alexandria, Va. this brought forth a love for performing. Later, went on to high school where they blossomed into leaders. Starting their own fashion organization at there high school, took them to the spotlight, from directing sold out high school fashion shows to partnering with local and national hair guru Glynn Jackson for numerous runway presentations. 
After, completing high school they went on to work as runway trainers and image consulting for AD3 productions in Fort Washington, Md., while consulting for AD3, they were given the opportunity to work for Ms. Tracy Cooper with Teens Count High School Modeling Competition, they trained local high schools in D.C., Md., and Va. to compete to be number 1. After working in the field for a while, they decided to get back into the modeling scene as models, under the direction of Models Inc. of Washington, D.C. with all the years of networking and exposure, they will to always progress. In 2008, they then joined, Righteous Ones Entertainment Agency. From there, they unfolded into well-rounded print and runway models, served as Presidents/Model Coordinators of the Agency models from 2008-2009. With help of Righteous Ones Entertainment, together they reached out to the community, starting runway summer camps at Fort Davis Recreation Center in S.E. Washington, D.C. Later, moved to Atlanta, Ga. to pursue their education in Graphic Design in 2011. While in school they started a high school mentoring program "McEachern Design Team" at John McEachern High School in West Cobb County ATL, Ga. . While maintaining their Runway Coaching, Creative directing and Social Media Specialist for 2Chiq Modeling Academy in Atlanta, Ga., under the direction of Capusine Clemons. After Completing school they moved back to Maryland to become Runway Coaches  for Models Envied  briefly before starting  JLYLES and Co.